A short story anthology to capture the imagination – TRIPTYCHS (Mind’s Eye Series)

Maria Haskins


Short story anthologies are a wonderful way to sample the work of different authors, and find new favourite writers in the process. Triptychs is a great example of this. This anthology contains 20 short stories, 4 poems, and 8 original photographs, and the idea behind the anthology is just a bit different than your usual short story collection. Each photo in the book was given to three different writers. Each writer then wrote a short story or poem inspired by that photo, meaning that the reader gets to see how one image can spark three very different stories. It’s a fascinating way to fire up the imagination of the writers, and the results are both interesting and entertaining.

The short stories cover a range of genres: there are tales of horror and crime and vampires, as well as romance and fantasy. All the stories and poems are well-written, and each one has something special…

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