Christmas Past by Julie Elizabeth Powell

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Dab of Darkness

PowellChristmasPastWhere I Got It: Review Copy

Narrator: Don Warrick

Publisher: Julie Elizabeth Powell (2015)

Length: 49 minutes

Author’s Page

In a far future, humanity is tightly controlled, and has been, for several generations. Many of these rules and cultural norms were put in place to ensure the  survival of the species. However, now may be the time to start a change and it starts by asking about the past, religion in general, and the long-extinct practice of Christmas.

Thomat and Draven are two young men, or at least considered young by their society’s standards. Humans life for many hundreds of years now in their little domed cities. Reproduction is tightly controlled through artificial births. Their world has plenty of logic and science but no religion to speak of. Yet when one of these men overhears and Elder speaking of some bit of arcane forbidden knowledge, he can’t help but want to…

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