Authors: Send Me Your Audiobooks! 

Romance Novels for the Beach

For the love of all that is holy, please! I understand this is a lot to ask, and that audiobooks are expensive, but I’m desperate here. Let me explain.

I have about a 15 minute walk to work every day. Lately, it’s been getting kind of boring. What, am I supposed to look around and appreciate nature or something? No thank you. A few months ago I was in the habit of listening to the 6th Outlander book every morning. Now that I’ve finished listening to book 6, I downloaded book 7 on Audible, but every time I go to listen to it I am filled with an all consuming rage. The last book was so unbelievably boring, and my body seems to be resisting putting myself through that pain again. It also probably wouldn’t be the best way to start my day at work if I arrived in the…

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